Project Profiles


Project: US Bank Stadium

Owner: State of Minnesota

General Contractor: Mortenson

Precast Concrete: Wells Concrete

Fly Ash: Boswell Unit 3

Year: 2014 – 2016


Wells Concrete, the precast concrete supplier for US Bank Stadium chose to use class C fly ash from Boswell Energy Center to produce high-performance concrete (10,000 psi) for every one of the precast concrete elements used in this project. The elements include; stadia (bleacher seating), columns, beams and vomitory walls. Wells Concrete used 25% replacement of fly ash in all of its mixes for both performance and economic benefit to the project.

The fly ash produced by Boswell Energy Center and supplied by National Minerals Corporation helped enable this project achieve its LEED rating by locally sourcing a recyclable product. The fly ash used in this project not only improved the economics and performance of the concrete, it also replaced over 6,000 tons of Portland cement.


Project: I-35E MN Pass Concrete Paving

Owner: Minnesota DOT

Location: St. Paul, MN

General Contractor: Ames Construction

Concrete Paving: PCi Roads

Fly Ash Source: Boswell Unit 3

MnDOT added new MnPass Express lanes on both directions of I-35E in St. Paul. This will be the first MnPASS investment in the East Metro area and an essential link for people commuting between downtown St. Paul and the suburbs to the north.

PCi Roads selected to use Boswell 3 fly ash at a cement replacement rate of 30% in the concrete mix for this project. 30% Boswell fly ash in the concrete allowed PCi to produce a consistent, air-entrained, low water- cementitious ratio concrete necessary for long term durability for this important roadway.

Over 4,000 tons of Boswell fly ash was beneficially re-used in constructing this new roadway.

Pozzo Stone Project

Product/Source: 3/8 Pozzo Stone –Ottumwa Generation Station

Date: Summer 2017

General Quantity: 775/tons

Project Name: Deer Haven

Contractor: Seamus Excavating

Owner: Owner: Polk City, IA

Engineer: Snyder and Associates with Allender Butzke Engineers Inc.

Location: East Broad St. Polk City, IA

NMC manufactures a 3/8” pozzo-stone product for use as a sub-base rock product. This material is delivered and stockpiled on the project in live-bottom trailers, minimal dust is produced in handling and application.

The dust-free characteristics of Pozzo-stone were very important to this residential subdivision road project. Seamus Excavating used 10% Pozzo-stone to treat the sandy lean soils on this project. The Pozzo-stone was re-claimed in to a depth of 12 inches. Once the grade was treated and compacted they 8 inches of concrete was poured and placed on top of it.

CVS Pharmacy Parking Lot

Location: West Des Moines Iowa

Year: 2015

General Contractor: Darland Construction Co.

Engineer: Bishop Engineering

Site Contractor: Grimes Asphalt


Total Tons: 1440

Project Description: Grimes Asphalt elected to use Pozzo-Stone as a sub-base material under asphalt. Because of the unique pozzolanic strengthening properties of pozzo-stone (hydrated fly ash aggregate), Grimes Asphalt was able to cut an inch of base asphalt out of this project.

Grimes Asphalt used 1,440 tons of pozzo stone as subbase in this pharmacy parking lot. Pozzo-stone down at a depth of 8 inches and topped with 5 inches of asphalt.

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Pozzostone – hydrated fly ash aggregate

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