pozzo_1A Pozzolan is a finely ground material that reacts chemically with water to form compounds that possess cementitious hardening properties.
Pozzo-Stone is hydrated class C fly ash that is compacted, re-claimed and stockpiled as aggregate.
Pozzo-Stone resembles crushed limestone, ranging in size from fine particles to 2” top size.
Pozzo-Stone is an excellent base material used in various paving operations, including asphalt sub-base and base course un-der concrete.
Agricultural uses also include stabilizing feedlots and storage pads.
Pozzo Stone is spread to the desired depth, water is added and the resulting mixture is compacted. A pozzolanic reaction occurs and hardens the Pozzo-Stone forming a strong bond that continues to strengthen over time.

Asphalt paving projects can benefit substantially from the use of POZZO-STONE as a sub-base material. POZZO-STONE provides higher flexural strengths than conventional road stone.
Engineering studies and field testing prove that POZZO-STONE achieves greater compaction at similar depths to conventional sub-base materials.


Pozzo-Stone is unique from other base materials because of the cementitious characteristics of Class C fly ash. The re-claimed, hydrated ash has an abundance of unreacted pozzolanic properties. When applied as a gravel base compacted material, POZZO-STONE improves the integrity of the surface and sub-base.

With properties similar to a cementitious rock, POZZO-STONE continues to harden and gain strength over time. When water is added to a base course of POZZO -STONE, a chemical reaction occurs and the sur-face hardens to an impressive strength and compaction. It’s freeze-thaw dura-ble and resistant to erosion.
Pozzo-Stone is useful in many con-struction applications; a sub-base mate-rial, soil-stabilization product and multi-ple agriculture base applications, i.e., muddy feed-lots, pens and grain storage.
POZZO-STONE applications require guidelines set forth by the Iowa DNR.

– Chillicothe, IA
– Burlington, IA
– Cedar Rapids, IA

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