historyNational Minerals Corporation (NMC) was founded by William R. Collins in 1975 dedicated to the promotion and marketing of fly ash for use in the construction industry. We understood early on that fly ash is a very unique pozzolan that not only provides economic incentive for use as a cement replacement in concrete but also enhances the strength and durability.

NMC was instrumental in changing the industry perception of fly ash as merely a by-product to an in-demand, high quality pozzolan that would change concrete specifications as performance criteria. NMC grew to be a nationally recognized fly ash marketer that annually marketed over 1MM tons per year of Coal Combustion By-Products, and represented utilities from North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In addition to marketing fly ash, NMC was involved as an industry advocate through our involvement in the American Coal Ash Association in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976. This law was enacted to facilitate and encourage the responsible beneficial re-use of industrial by-products. This was a great example of Washington D.C. and industry working together to solve a problem and encourage opportunities for beneficial re-use.

As the industry evolved, cement companies who once fought against the use of fly ash in concrete, aggressively moved to consolidate this business. As a result NMC was acquired by Lafarge Corporation in 1989.

After the Lafarge acquisition, NMC spun off a chemical admixture company (GRT) where we developed a line of chemical admixtures for use in concrete that are formulated to act as catalysts that enable maximum use of fly ash in concrete.

In 2009, the consolidation effect opened opportunities for us to work back into the fly ash business. We are very happy and proud to build on our history and bring National Minerals Corporation back to the fly ash industry. We are dedicated to 100% re-use of quality fly ash, we invest in product storage facilities and transportation equipment, backed by technically experienced personnel dedicated to customer service. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with utilities and be a part of the greatest recycling opportunity in America.

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