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about_1 National Minerals Corporation is a Minneapolis based, family owned and operated company dedicated to maximizing beneficial re-use opportunities for quality, ASTM Class C fly ash. We partner with Utilities to manage the Coal Combustion by-products produced from burning coal at power plants.

Our expertise is in the concrete and asphalt industries. We understand the unique pozzolanic properties of class C fly ash and we work within the concrete and asphalt industries to identify encapsulated, beneficial re-use opportunities.

NMC maximizes the fly ash sales opportunities by building large storage terminals that are dedicated to the sources that we manage. Our storage terminals guarantee our Utility partners 100% utilization of their by product and our customers are assured a reliable continuity of supply of quality fly ash during the busy construction season. We also provide the transportation equipment necessary to provide responsive product delivery.

NMC also provides and staffs two full-time, on-site testing laboratories that test daily samples to monitor the consistency of the fly ash sources that we market.
We are proud to represent and develop the fly ash marketing programs for the following utilities:


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